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Product offerings
Access real-time payment insights and trends from around the world.
Cards Lab
Improve card value propositions with unique market insights and a seamless user experience.
Digital Safari
Gain actionable insights and reimagine your digital transformation plans form the world’s most innovative organizations.
Digital Payment Index
Explore the rapidly evolving digital payments landscape and gain actionable insights and comparable data across numerous markets.
Learning Lab
Transform the way you upskill, build expertise, and unlock growth through comprehensive courses, including live webinars, interactive quizzes, podcasts and more.
Market Trends Platform
Make the most effective go-to-market and operational decisions to support business growth and maximize profit.
Personalization Blueprint
Access the comprehensive and expert resources needed to capitalize on the increased revenue gains associated with a tailored customer experience.
Sandbox as a Service
Test and validate startup solutions to partner with by experiencing live user journeys in our core banking sandbox.
Start Path
Access Mastercard’s highly curated network of high-potential startups, thought leadership and live and virtual events to understand use cases for new technologies.
Unmatched expertise
Explore industry insights, competitive intelligence and technology trends from around the globe.
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Market Trends Platform

Discover real-time payments insights and trends from around the world.

Market Trends provides a simple, curated view of reliable insights – all in one place

Mastercard Market Trends offers comprehensive payments insights, competitive intelligence and industry trends, along with an interactive e-learning platform and global startup engagement. Insights cover card performance, trending topics and technology use cases. It provides a simple, curated view of reliable insights – all in one place.


Make informed business decisions with key research, industry insights and trends from around the world coupled with analytical market and card comparison tools to help you stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.

Use Cases

Market Trends provides an in-depth look at payment insights, competitive intelligence and industry trends.

Market Trends is a very useful tool for our everyday work encompassing in a single access point a wealth of information. It is easily available to many teams across the Bank: either to review payments and other market KPIs, review case studies or even check competition.
Alpha Bank Greece

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