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Optimizing Customer Acquisition & Driving Next-Gen Loyalty Track

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On Display: What It Takes to Accelerate Profitable Digital Acquisition in an Age of Uncertainty

October 29, 10 a.m. EDT (2 p.m. GMT)

Consumers expect greater relevance, value, and simplicity in their experiences. How can you create a multi-channel acquisition strategy that consistently reaches the best consumer groups in the right place, at the right time? Join us for an action-oriented discussion on winning strategies to accelerate marketing effectiveness in today’s digital world.

Session Speakers

The Right Place at the Right Time: How to Leverage Omnichannel Marketing Across the Customer Lifecycle

November 12, 9 a.m. EST (2 p.m. GMT) 

Recent world events have catalyzed a rapid shift in lifecycle marketing, and brands investing in an integrated, analytical approach better understand their customers, build stronger emotional connections and motivate more incremental behaviors. Join our speakers to learn how to re-imagine your lifecycle marketing program to unlock agile, insights-driven engagement strategies based on proprietary Mastercard insights, and so much more.

Session Speakers

New Normal of Customer Loyalty: How to Earn Repeat Customers and Grow Revenue 

November 17, 10 a.m. EST (3 p.m. GMT)

The roadmap to customer loyalty is being redrawn, and the pandemic has only accelerated this transformation. Loyalty programs that invest in digital-first, contextual customer experiences can meet this moment and win the hearts and wallets of consumers. Join our speakers for a practical discussion on ways to enhance your loyalty strategy to drive repeat customers and recover business and gain insight into how emerging loyalty trends may affect your engagement tactics.

Session Speakers

New Normal of Cardholder Loyalty: How to Grow Engagement and Spend

November 19, 10 a.m. EST (3 p.m. GMT)

With consumer behavior rapidly changing and issuers reimagining traditional cardholder incentives across travel, cross-border and entertainment, what comes next in cardholder relationships? Tune into a discussion on how top financial institutions are acting during this pivotal moment and walk away with actionable insights to apply to your own engagement and retention strategies.

Session Speakers

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