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Offers for Publishers

Drive top-of-wallet preference, incremental spend and unparalleled engagement with merchant-funded offers. 


Increasing brand value with exceptional offers

Offers is a flexible, network agnostic solution that delivers a range of merchant-funded offers across any payment type and network. The redemption experience is seamless, helping attract, engage and retain customers.

Explore a range of benefits:

  • Boost Loyalty: Drive top-of-wallet behavior with captivating merchant content.
  • Cost-Effective Savings: Offset reward expenses with merchant-funded offers, ensuring a budget-friendly approach to incentivizing loyalty.
  • Personalized Incentives: Optimize experiences and enhance customer loyalty via secure, proprietary modeling and AI.
  • Customer Engagement Hub: Engage customers and foster connection with a custom platform.
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Unlock the full value of offers and increase customer engagement

Offers for publishers case study How an issuer increased lift in spend by 124% among redeemers with personalized card-linked offers

An Australian issuer had a goal to encourage top-of-wallet behavior and cardholder brand preference amidst a new regulatory fee environment. The issuer’s loyalty program had multiple point currencies and payment partners, requiring a turnkey approach. The issuer implemented personalized, card-linked offers to deliver personalized, compelling cashback rewards to its cardholders via email. Offers were directly sourced from Mastercard’s merchant-funded partnerships, eliminating the need for the issuer to spend time and money sourcing and promoting the card-linked offers.

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