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Test & Learn® is the innovation for decision-making in business.

In challenging economic times, optimizing your business performance is the key to success. Today, companies base their decision-making on data, however, identifying the incremental impact of a single initiative is challenging – making it difficult to leverage data. 

Mastercard’s Test & Learn solution helps unlock the full potential of your data through its advanced analytics and intuitive interface, it unlocks unparalleled speed and scalability for increased return on investment. 

Download the infographic case study to learn how a major retail chain achieved more than $700,000 in incremental gain from optimizing their pricing strategy with Test & Learn. 

To help large companies get the most out of their data, without bias, Mastercard offers a leading global, multi-patented solution that quickly assesses the impact of business initiatives. More than 84% of initiatives evaluated led to identifying a 10x ROI, according to recent analysis. 

Companies can assess the effectiveness of their initiatives and pinpoint the key elements that led to their success. This enables them to fine-tune their approach and optimize overall performance. 



Download the infographic case study to learn how retailers are optimizing their profits by testing their pricing strategy. 

Download the infographic case study

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