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Portfolio Intelligence

Optimize your co-brand portfolio performance

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Portfolio Intelligence is a self-service analytics software platform that provides decision-makers with actionable insights on co-brand portfolio performance. By integrating near real-time data feeds into a centralized dashboard, Portfolio Intelligence drives value across portfolio monitoring and optimization.

Portfolio Intelligence offers:


Meaningful Benchmarks
Portfolio Intelligence provides customized and meaningful competitive benchmarks of similar Mastercard cards, creating insight into whether changes in portfolio performance are due to internal or secular shifts.


Flexible Performance Review
Users can easily drill down on any KPI and flexibly cut data by points balance, geo-location, loyalty status, channel, vintage, and more.


Speed and Automation
A user-friendly dashboard and near real-time updates significantly reduce the time and resources required to generate portfolio performance insights; benchmarks have a lag of only weeks, not months.


Actionable Insights
Software users are empowered to easily identify under- or over-performing segments, and export lists of customer cohorts for future campaigns in a single click.


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