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The journey of a ball to a goal may be compared to the journey of a consumer to a purchase. Retailers lost sight of the ball when e-commerce kicked the ball out of a defined playing field and into other channels.

They’re now winning the ball back through three intertwined approaches to handling consumer touchpoints:

connecting touchpoints  

Keeping your eyes on the ball (connecting the multiple touchpoints)

making each touchpoint count  

Controlling the ball (making each touchpoint count)

evaluate every touchpoint  

Taking your eyes off the ball (evaluating the role of each touchpoint)

"Globally, 79% of consumers agree that they prefer to shop at stores with both an offline and online presence.”

 — Source: Mastercard New Payments Index: Consumer Appetite for Digital Payments Takes Off


Download “Assists vs Goals in Retail’s Omnichannel Game” to learn how retailers can use better technology and analytics to manage consumer touchpoints and win the omnichannel game.

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