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Developing World-Class Campaign Analytics

The Test & Learn approach

"Many financial institutions are offering increasingly generous, eye-catching credit card and other rewards promotions, sometimes featuring large cash bonuses of hundreds of dollars."

Customers receive billions of offers from banks annually, and these campaigns are proliferating, making it difficult to understand what works best with each customer. This paper addresses how financial institutions can develop a robust campaign analytics program to refine their approach and maximize ROI.


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Breeding Consumer Loyalty through Enhanced Digital Engagement

How can you better connect with cardholders and earn their loyalty? We’ve identified three strategies to drive meaningful digital engagement.

Pay With Rewards Is the Seamless Solution Your Loyalty Program Needs

Build a stronger loyalty program with the Mastercard Pay With Rewards solution.

Investing in Cardholder Loyalty

Loyalty rewards programs shouldn't be considered a drag on the bottom line. Instead, rewarding customers for their allegiance is an investment worth far more than the costs of the rewards themselves.