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Mastercard Webinar: Defining the Future of Commerce in the Age of Covid-19 - Europe Insights


As we evolve to a new normal as a result of Covid-19, it will be crucial for organizations to quickly adapt to evolving consumer behaviours fueled by greater demand for digital and frictionless experiences.

Innovation will be fundamental for organizations undergoing transformation to meet the needs of ongoing economic change. These innovations also must be fast to deploy, scale, and customize. Mastercard is deploying real-world solutions across a broad range of merchant verticals including retail, CPG, restaurants, grocery, telcos, travel and hospitality, enabled by a robust technology platform and next generation analytics.

Webinar Speakers:

Stephane Wyper headshot  

Stephane Wyper

Senior Vice President, Global Retail Innovation, Mastercard

Michelle Carter headshot  

Michelle Carter

Senior Vice President, Data & Services, Mastercard


This webinar will highlight our customer experiences and cover:

  • How Mastercard is helping shape new physical and digital experiences

  • How organizations can leverage key technologies, such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, and voice commerce

  • Where to unlock new insights on purchasing patterns across all channels

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