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As inflation, interest rate hikes, and market volatility continue to drive economic uncertainty, businesses must make strategic, data-driven decisions to optimize costs and build resilience. Effective business experimentation will be essential for making operational changes on-the-fly in response to evolving economic conditions.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The latest economic insights and consumer spend trends from Mastercard Economics Institute

  • Key business experimentation strategies to save costs and optimize operations

  • Real-world case studies on how brands including Coca-Cola are using a Test & Learn® approach to stay resilient amidst economic uncertainty

  • Relevant solutions to strengthen your business experimentation capabilities

Michelle headshot 

Michelle Meyer

Chief Economist, North America, Mastercard

Rupert headshot 

Rupert Naylor

Senior Vice President, Test & Learn, Mastercard

James headshot



James Ford

Vice President of Category Leadership, The Coca-Cola Company


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