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As demand for travel continues to grow, airlines need to improve their loyalty programs. Learn how airlines can embrace the latest trends in frequent flyer programs to gain more loyalty.

In this report, you will:

  • Learn what airlines can do to gain customer loyalty

  • Understand how the most popular loyalty programs are changing

  • Learn how airline loyalty programs can be improved

Airline loyalty programs are evolving toward fully immersive programs that engage and entice customers with timely offers and enhanced travel experiences. With airlines continually seeking to enhance their loyalty members’ travel experience by adding offers such as lounge access, onboard Wi-Fi credits, and even application fee refunds for the US Customs Global Entry program, they are also looking to stay top-of-mind with important co-brand programs that reward customers for dollars spent as they go about their daily lives.

This Airline Loyalty Programs report explores:

  • Some of the latest trends being embraced by select airlines

Subscription models have been on the rise for some time, with low-cost carriers creating membership subscriptions to provide priority boarding, inclusive allocated seating, “fast track” options to allow passengers to proceed more quickly and smoothly through security and dedicated bag drop facilities. This innovation in paid loyalty for airlines is just that — paid — and as such, it enables a new and effective revenue stream. Today, these models are becoming a significant revenue stream for full-service airlines.

  • What’s next in loyalty program personalization

Personalization touches many points of the customer experience and is gaining momentum. By gathering insights from bookings, email engagement, loyalty transactions, social media engagement and co-brand activity, airlines can create a more dynamic and responsive customer relationship. Delivering experiences consumers want using analytics while protecting privacy and anonymity of consumers who opt out of the collection of personally identifiable information is key to successful personalization.

  • The rise in gamification and its link to promoting sustainability

Gamification is quickly becoming a common practice for airlines. Many airlines globally have launched various challenges, badging and progress trackers to drive opt-in for digital marketing.

  • The importance of everyday earn and co-brand spend optimization

As airline loyalty programs have evolved, they have increasingly focused on building more opportunities for members to earn points and stay engaged with the program in between flight purchases.

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