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The narrative of loyalty programs in Asia Pacific is undergoing rapid change.

Loyalty programs are proliferating and many are chasing a share of consumer attention. Given the diminishing value of existing loyalty programs and the growing expense of maintaining them, organizations are grappling with tough questions. How can a loyalty program remain relevant? How can it best engage today’s consumers? How can it create a better experience for an organization’s most loyal customers?

Enter the loyalty ecosystem, a network of organizations that enables consumers to earn points at one organization and use them at another.

The loyalty ecosystem is on the minds of many executives. According to a Mastercard-commissioned survey of 150 senior leaders in loyalty across Asia Pacific, when it came to their current plans for investment, notably, some 28% of respondents said they plan to increase their investment in partnership/ecosystem development and another 16% in ecosystem participation, for a total of 44%.

The report explores how loyalty ecosystems are being implemented by leading organizations and shares the results of the Mastercard-commissioned survey of loyalty executives.

In this Asia Pacific report, you’ll learn:

What is a loyalty ecosystem?

  • Unlike the coalition model of loyalty, the loyalty ecosystem originates with one standalone business that gradually opens its loyalty program for cooperation with other programs.

Why loyalty ecosystems are being considered by leading organizations:

  • While the traditional closed-loop, points-style loyalty program is well established, leading loyalty executives in Asia Pacific are reexamining the strategies that served them well in the past. The Mastercard survey results provide insights into the trends, technology and architecture of today’s successful loyalty programs.

How you can develop your organization’s loyalty strategies for a better customer experience:

  • From banks to telcos and retailers, Mastercard has worked to create loyalty program solutions that help organizations provide more value to loyal customers. Stories of challenges, solutions and successes provide a roadmap for greater success of your own.

To learn about loyalty ecosystems and more, download the report.

Download the report

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