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Covid-19 has forced many restaurants and retailers to make hard decisions throughout 2020, from figuring out the right hours of operation to choosing which locations to open or close. 2021 will likely have similar or, perhaps, new challenges and restaurants and retailers need to be prepared.

Businesses will need to tap into data, analytics and testing more than ever for survival. Restaurants and retailers, in particular, must adjust most cost-effectively. Analytic tools that easily give them in-depth answers using their data can help restaurants and retailers understand their customers’ needs and changing behaviors. Testing new ideas allows brands to make quick data-driven decisions for their operations.

"Between March and July, total sales for eating and drinking establishments were down more than $131 billion from expected levels. "

 — Source: National Restaurant Association

This report looks at:

  • How the pandemic has impacted restaurants and retailers

  • The role of analytics and testing in maximizing operations

  • Examples of how analytics and testing can impact operations

Download the full report to learn how restaurants and retailers can streamline their operations in new ways in 2021.

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