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All Aboard: Personalization is No Longer a Dream; it is a Necessity

Embracing advanced analytics is enabling travel and hospitality organizations to fail fast, identify and expand profitable programs, and win big.

The travel and hospitality industry is undergoing enormous change as strong economic conditions, changing demographics, and a growing effort to develop unique travel experiences impact the environment. Many organizations are trying to stay ahead of the curve by pushing the boundaries of their offerings and coupling those new opportunities with novel loyalty strategies. 

Spurred on by competitive pressures, executives in travel and hospitality have started to ask themselves difficult questions about business as usual. They are responding by revaluating their practices, finding the right niche, and optimizing outreach to both existing and new customers. In this paper, we will explore how travel and hospitality organizations have started to push the boundaries of customer experience optimization by investing heavily in near real-time data and analytics to improve and customize every interaction.

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