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As travel and hospitality loyalty executives evolve their programs to align with today’s travelers, here are three trends that will shape loyalty programs and the customer engagement landscape.

  1. Lifestyle Loyalty - Brands are striving to stay relevant and top of mind with their high-value consumers by creating value in their members’ everyday lives, not just their travel experience.

  2. Relevance and Recognition – Consumers value strong relationships and meaningful experiences with brands over transactional engagement. Increasingly, they’re seeking memorable, rewarding and enriching emotional interactions that offer choice and control and make their travel easier.

  3. Simplicity and Accessibility - Brands are redesigning programs to provide alternative ways to maximize the benefits of program membership, including more opportunities to access benefits and unlock value. Added tiers and realizable spend thresholds will help to shape more flexible programs that are easier to understand and offer members more choice and control.


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