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Join us in-person in London on November 27

Featuring fascinating insight into current cyber threats from former GCHQ director Sir Jeremy Fleming, the roundtable is exclusively for leading cyber security, risk, fraud and payments specialists across retail, supermarkets, restaurants and gaming. The roundtable is designed to take your business to the next level with expert insights, connect you with peers and hear from industry leaders about their challenges whist remaining safe, secure and protecting trust in all channel commerce

During the roundtable there will be an exclusive opportunity to tour the Mastercard Experience Centre and demo our cyber and intelligence solutions.

We have limited availability and expect demand to be high. Confirmation of your place will be confirmed by calendar invite

Why attend:

  • Hear from former GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming

  • Discover the latest expert opinion in cyber and protect

  • Tour the Mastercard Experience Centre and demo it’s cyber and intelligence solutions

  • Networking lunch with peers and open conversation around industry challenges and best practice


Sir Jeremy Fleming
Sir Jeremy Fleming Former director, GCHQ
Steven Brown
Steven Brown Vice president, cyber resilience, Mastercard Europe
Kelly Devine
Kelly Devine Division president, Mastercard UK and Ireland 
Suren Nawalkar
Suren Nawalkar Senior vice president, business development, Mastercard UK and Ireland

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