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An Evening with Mastercard

Consumer behavior has drastically evolved post-pandemic, challenging organizations to work on meeting the demands of a rapidly changing landscape and consumers’ rising expectations. Organizations that thrive are customer-first, effective at harnessing the power of data, and embedding data-driven insights at the core of their decision-making process.

Join Mastercard at the upcoming in-person networking event, Smarter Decisions, Better Outcomes, on Thursday, 27 October 2022, 6:30pm – 9:30pm in Singapore. Discover how organizations can make smarter decisions to enhance business performance across marketing, product, pricing, operations and more.

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Event Agenda

18:30Registration & Networking Drinks

Welcome Remarks by Mastercard

Nadav Itach

Nadav Itach
Vice President, Specialist Sales, Advisors Business Development, Data & Services


19:20Start of Dinner

The Age of Business Experimentation – Test Smart, Learn Fast

NIkhil Krishna

Nikhil Krishna
Director, Specialist Sales, Advisors Business Development, Data & Services

Nana Lee_border

Nana Lee
Senior Managing Consultant, Advisors Client Services, Data & Services



Guest Panel
Optimizing Business Performance and Outcomes with Data-Driven Decisions

Genie Osorio_McD

Genie Osorio
Head, Strategy & Insights and Menu Management
McDonald’s Singapore

Casper Hsieh_border

Casper Hsieh
Senior Managing Consultant, Advisors Client Services, Data & Services


20:45Networking & Drinks
21:15Closing Remarks

* Please note that this invitation is non-transferable.
** Mastercard reserves the right to exclude any individual who is not the intended recipient of this dinner invitation.

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