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Future Forward. Retail

What does the future hold for retailers in Australia? With rising uncertainties in the global economy, being ahead of the curve has never been more critical to business success.

Mastercard recently hosted a breakfast forum on 31st May 2023 in Melbourne. Featuring three high-impact and interactive sessions, we tackled some of the most pressing questions for retailers today covering digital innovation, personalization, and customer engagement.


Sessions included:

  • The “Bungee Jump” Economy: Outlook for Consumers and Retailers
  • Innovating for the Future: How Personalization, Loyalty and Digital CX are Shaping Consumer Expectations
  • Cutting through the Noise: Distilling Data into Actionable Insights in a Post-Pandemic World

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Featured speakers:

David Mann
David Mann Chief Economist - AP and MEA, Mastercard
Kelly Tamaccio Vice President Sales - NAM & ANZ, Dynamic Yield
Cameron Irving
Cameron Irving Vice President, Specialist Sales, Loyalty, Mastercard
Joseph McGuire
Joseph McGuire Principal, Innovation Consulting, Mastercard
Angy Fernhout
Angy Fernhout Senior Managing Consultant, Advisors Client Services, Mastercard
Bonnie Bradley Chapter Area Lead - Marketing, Digital & eCommerce, The Warehouse Group
Beth Pondo Director, Consumer Strategy and Operations, Uber
Matthieu Louvrier Principal, Advisors Client Services – ANZ, Mastercard

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