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Mastercard Webinar: How to Evolve to Beat Cyber Crime and Enhance Business Continuity


The COVID-19 crisis is of unprecedented scale and scope. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in Asia are now under immense pressure.

  • Cyber criminals are using COVID-19's turmoil and uncertainty to distract and exploit.

  • Remote working is on the rise where the levels of security may not be enough.

  • Cyber security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and harder to prevent, detect, and respond.

As organizations work towards business recovery, how can CISOs in Asia support the broader corporate strategy while addressing the tactical requirements for companies and their various constituents to remain safe?

Based on Mastercard’s expertise in cyber security, this webinar will examine how organizations can take a step forward in strengthening cyber resilience via cyber risk quantification, threat intelligence mapping and outcome modeling.

Webinar Speaker:

Urooj Burney, Cybersecurity Products Leader, Data & Services, Mastercard 

Urooj Burney

Cybersecurity Products Leader, Data & Services, Mastercard

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • COVID-19: Implications on cyber security and business continuity.

  • Identifying risk and detecting vulnerabilities across critical business processes.

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of controls and benchmarking your cyber security capabilities.

  • Staying ahead of cyber threats: Risk mitigation strategies and incident response planning.

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