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Retailers are faced with an uncertain economy from ongoing inflationary pressures and a shifting labor market. How can you navigate these conditions to stay ahead of the competition?

Join us on March 27th at Shoptalk for the lunch session, “How the J. Crew Group uses business experimentation to adapt to the changing economy” to:
  • Gain proprietary economic insights from the Mastercard Economic Institute

  • Learn real-life examples of how the J. Crew Group is using experimentation to drive more data-driven decisions in today's unusual environment

  • Discover best practices for incorporating macro-economic insights and analytics into your organization’s decision-making

This session will take place 11:30am-12:30pm PST on Monday, March 27th in room Oceanside E. Complimentary lunch will be provided to all attendees. Please note that this lunch is separate from the official Shoptalk content agenda and is reserved for retail and CPG brands. Advanced registration is required.

Michelle Meyer

Chief Economist, North America, Mastercard


Michelle Carter

Executive Vice President, North America, Mastercard


Geoffrey Gurney

Vice President, Decision Analysis and Business Process,
J. Crew


Register for this lunch session at Shoptalk 2023

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