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Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the CPG industry. In order to maintain loyalty and spend, CPGs leaders now have to embrace innovation and rethink their strategy across all aspects of the business including categories, channels and consumer experience – or risk getting left behind by competitors. However, getting it right can be hard. How can CPGs rapidly scale up their business to drive business optimization, nurture high-value consumer behaviors and build stronger relationships?

  • Discussing changes in consumer spend across categories, and the shift to digital
  • Reviewing digitalization trends and innovation across channels, marketing and the consumer experience
  • Reviewing digitalization trends and innovation across channels, marketing and the consumer experience
  • Making data-driven business decisions, and why experimentation is key
  • Pivoting teams and driving successful change and transformation



Annie Urwin 

Annie Urwin

Vice President, Product Management


David Langford

Global RTM Director,
Mars Wrigley Confectionery


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