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Mastercard Webinar: Adjusting Store Operations for Economic Recovery


As economies reopen with new operating guidelines, retailers are adapting to maximize profitability in a rapidly changing environment.

Capacity restrictions are driving retailers to test and optimize new in-store tactics, from changing labor levels to deploying novel checkout processes. Initiatives like curbside pickup are helping retailers accommodate varying levels of customer comfort. In the challenging environment, retailers are also working to optimize their physical networks. 

Join this Mastercard webinar to learn how data and analytics can enable rapid innovation and profitable decision-making related to store operations as the retail industry re-opens its doors.

Webinar Speakers:

Evan Newkirk headshot 

Evan Newkirk

Principal, Data & Services, Mastercard

James Kostelnik headshot 

James Kostelnik

Senior Managing Consultant, Data & Services, Mastercard


This webinar will highlight:

  • Best practices to measure and optimize in-store changes, from modifying store hours and queuing, to refining inventory management and assortment

  • Strategies to optimize brick and mortar networks, including identifying stores that can be profitably closed or modifying store formats to accommodate consumer preferences

  • Opportunities to leverage new technologies and data sources to track industry recovery and facilitate responsive decision-making

  • Tactics to maximize channel conversion as customers return to physical shopping, including messaging and incentives

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