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Mastercard Webinar: MEA Card Not Present Reports


Join this webinar to uncover how you can get the most out of your customized Card Not Present (CNP) Reports.

The monthly CNP Dashboard provides relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) for acquirers enabling them to better understand their CNP performances. The monthly report focuses on CNP transactions that allow the acquirer to identify opportunities for improvement and compare their performance against their peer groups.

This webinar will help acquirers leverage insights from the CNP Report, understand report metrics, assess the impact of events and identify opportunities for engagement to grow CNP behaviour.


Webinar Speakers:

Ayca Azgin headshot 

Ayca Azgin

Vice President, Product Management, Insights and Analytics, Data & Services, Mastercard

Dolly Rana Headshot 

Dolly Rana

Consultant, Data & Services, Mastercard


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the Card Not Present (CNP) Report across the payment lifecycle

  • The relevancy and potential impact of the various metrics presented in the CNP Report

  • How to read each page of the report and apply the report in your day-to-day decision making

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