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Mastercard Webinar: Credit Risk Management Strategies for Issuers During COVID-19


The cyclical nature of the global economy already necessitates robust analytical approaches to inform decision-making. As COVID-19 causes unprecedented economic stress, these capabilities are becoming more critical than ever. Effective credit risk management strategies amidst market downturns is key to manage impairments in the short term and achieving overall business growth in the long term.

Webinar Speakers:

Ankeet Bajaj headshot 

Ankeet Bajaj

Vice President, Advisors Product Management, Mastercard 

Suresh Bajpai headshot


Suresh Bajpai

Executive Vice President, Revenue Maximization, Mastercard

Matt Hubbard headshot 

Matthew Hubbard

Director, Global Credit Risk Expert, Mastercard

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • The importance and complexity of credit risk management during these unprecedented times

  • Key principles of risk management and collections that can help your business grow profitably while keeping impairments within acceptable levels

  • Lessons, tools, experimentation and data driven strategies that may inform your organization's credit risk management initiatives including credit underwriting, credit line management managing delinquency, bad debt and collections. 

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