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Mastercard Webinar: Navigating Recovery: When and How to Re-Engage Consumers


In this challenging moment, consumers are looking for brands who can help them navigate their new reality. Businesses who can adapt quickly to support their customers changing needs will stand out.

In this webinar, we’ll share how to rapidly launch effective and relevant campaigns that address current customer needs, such as promotions on grocery delivery, online shopping, media subscriptions and more.

Webinar Speakers:

Nick Blum headshot 

Nick Blum

Senior Vice President, Merchant Services, Mastercard

Elena D'Andrea Headshot 

Elena D'Andrea

Vice President, Product Management, Mastercard

Kyle Clark headshot 

Kyle Clark

Vice President, Product Management, Mastercard

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • New loyalty strategies that meet the demands of the current climate

  • Case studies on how top brands are adapting to remain relevant

  • How Mastercard Promotions and Managed Services can power your loyalty strategy

View the Webinar

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