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High inflation and growing costs are driving many retailers, restaurants, and consumer goods manufacturers to redesign their pricing strategies. To capture profit in this changing environment, organizations must develop processes that enable accurate predictions and rapid price adjustments.

To optimize pricing changes, leading organizations should consider how the outcomes of their strategies vary across factors, including timing, communications, store locations, channels, and more. Effective and targeted business experimentation is critical to measuring the true incremental impact of pricing changes and how they can be tailored across these factors for optimal results.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Expected trends in the pricing environment
  • Best practices
  • Real-world client case studies
  • Relevant solutions to improve your testing capabilities



John Fimble 

John Fimble

Senior Vice President, Business Development
Mastercard Data & Services

Peter Gudmundsen 

Peter Gudmundsen

Vice President, Business Development & Client Success
Mastercard Data & Services


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