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Consumers are emerging from a lingering pandemic into an unfamiliar global economy. Against significant shifts in the consumer wallet and digital disruption, organizations that thrive are the ones that continue to deliver customer value with innovation and customer-centricity.

This session will share insights from the latest Mastercard Economics Institute report - Shifting Wallets: New consumer spending habits, take a look at how consumers are shifting their spending with a reinvigorated appreciation for experiences, and discuss how organizations can navigate shifts in a rapidly evolving consumer landscape.

  • Insights on consumer spending across shopping, eating and travel in Asia and around the world

  • Tailoring marketing and loyalty campaigns based on observed spend trends

  • Delivering personalized and digital-first customer experiences to engage and delight

  • Aligning operational decisions with the shift in consumer behaviors to optimize resources

David Mann 

David Mann

Chief Economist, AP & MEA, Mastercard

Aditi Sawhney 

Aditi Sawhney

Senior Vice President, Advisors Consulting & Information Services, Mastercard

Casper Hsieh 

Casper Hsieh

Senior Managing Consultant, Advisors Client Services, Mastercard


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