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The merchant acquiring landscape in the Asia Pacific is seeing monumental shifts as digital commerce takes center stage and new payment acceptance models emerge. Against the continuing expansion of innovative disruptors, acquirers that thrive are doubling down on powerful small business propositions to drive growth in the burgeoning payment acceptance ecosystem.

In this four-part webinar series, Mastercard experts will explore critical building blocks to capture the small business acceptance opportunity with distinct and focused merchant services.

Scroll below to view the detailed agenda for each session in the webinar series.

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On-Demand | The Acquirer’s Guide to World-Class Merchant Onboarding

Let's start at the very beginning: Onboarding – small businesses today expect precise, streamlined and digitized onboarding experiences. Yet the merchant onboarding process today is often complex with drawn-out processes.

We uncover how acquirers can design time-sensitive and merchant-focused onboarding services to play competitively in the global acceptance space:

  • Reviewing gaps and opportunities across the merchant onboarding process
  • Learning from the best:  Redesigning for frictionless and exceptional dynamic merchant onboarding experiences
  • Balancing risk, liability and regulatory decisions with the demand for speedy and seamless user experience
  • Identifying common points of failure and corresponding resolutions

On-demand | The SoftPOS (Tap on Phone) Dilemma: Should I Lead or Should I Follow?

SoftPOS is setting the stage for the next digital revolution as tech giants and small businesses alike make headway towards Tap on Phone technology. As consumers gravitate towards contactless transactions post-pandemic, the time is now for merchants to embrace more affordable methods of digital payment.

We unpack the strategic implications of Tap on Phone technology for acquirers who are looking to grow their small business portfolio:

  • A deep dive on the evolution of technology standards – from Apple vs. Android to standalone apps vs. embedded SDKs
  • Lessons learnt from pilot programs around the world
  • Strategic considerations around an SME-focused go-to-market approach
  • A look at the future of SoftPOS

On-Demand | Third Party Distribution: Scaling Your Business with Payment Partnerships

Outperforming baseline growth, Fintechs are transforming the small business acceptance space in radical new ways, playing nuanced roles that enrich the ecosystem. As innovative disruptors play alongside legacy acquirers, a strong small business acquiring proposition today must embody symbiotic third-party partnerships to accelerate portfolio growth and drive merchant engagement.

This 60-minute session will explore how acquirers can leverage third-party alliances to empower underserved merchants in the growing payment acceptance ecosystem:

  • Unpacking merchant operating models in the acceptance ecosystem
  • How Payment Facilitators and Marketplaces are unlocking the next wave of growth in the acceptance ecosystem
  • Addressing questions around how to build a Payment Facilitators program, and enabling unicorns of tomorrow by graduating Independent Software Vendors to Payment Facilitators

On-Demand | From David to Goliath: How Payment Fintechs and Payment Facilitators are disrupting more than just the small business market

As payment fintechs and payfacs reach saturation in the SME market, where will they look next? Is it what we are seeing globally in payment acceptance “disruptive innovation”?

We explore “disruptive innovation”, and the implications for acquirers:

  • Global analysis of the change in market share of small business acceptance by Payment Facilitators and their growth in medium to large businesses
  • A look at the best practices that Payment Facilitators and Payment Fintechs are employing around the globe to disrupt payment acceptance
  • The future of acceptance as disruptive innovators graduate to sustaining innovation models and how acquirers can compete in this new paradigm

Featured speakers:

Mark Drury
Mark Drury Principal, Advisors Client Services, Data & Services, Mastercard
heath francis
Heath Francis Senior Managing Consultant, Advisors Client Services, Data & Services, Mastercard
Kiran Nambiar Senior Managing Consultant, Advisors Client Services, Mastercard
stefania vag
Stefania Vag Senior Managing Consultant, Advisors Client Services, Data & Services, Mastercard
Aditya Ray
Aditya Ray Managing Consultant, Advisors Client Services, Data & Services, Mastercard

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