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Small businesses are one of the most underserved segments in a bank's customer base. And cards is one area where banks have really struggled to connect with small businesses. Indeed, 76% of small businesses in the United States still use their personal card for business expenses and 53% use both personal and business cards.

To help banks build personalized approaches to their business customers, Mastercard developed a new set of analytics (propensity models) and marketing capabilities that enable financial institutions to prioritize small businesses with the highest likelihood to respond to spend stimulation invitations.

This guide explores:

  • The opportunity for financial institutions
  • Innovative ways to understand the small business segment
  • Strategies for engaging them through targeted, personalization campaigns

By focusing on those 25% of small business cardholders in the market who have the highest propensity to react to targeted spend stimulation campaigns, Mastercard estimates there is a 12%-20% spend uplift potential on the total card portfolio.

To learn more about how to use analytics and personalization to increase small business card engagement, download A not-so-small portfolio optimization opportunity.

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