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As the mobile or digital wallet gains ubiquity in the U.S. payments landscape, it opens up new opportunities as well as challenges for Community Financial Institutions. The advent of the digital wallet has also allowed newer entrants such as Fintech companies to play a role in shaping the future of payments. It is therefore important for Community Financial Institutions to gain a better understanding of the digital payments usage and preferences of the American consumer to remain competitive.

This Mastercard study offers insights into:

Current levels of mobile wallet awareness, usage and preferences

Consumer receptivity, attitudes and perception of the various types of digital wallet players (e.g., mainstream, bank and retailer digital wallets)

Considerations for Community Financial Institutions to stay relevant and competitive

Complete the form to download the report and access detailed study findings, recommendations, and Mastercard solutions that will help Community Financial Institutions succeed in the mobile and digital wallet space.

This report is exclusive to Mastercard customers. If you have any issues downloading the report by completing the form, please contact your Mastercard representative.

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