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The Small Business payments landscape in the US is dotted with a myriad of competing payment forms ranging from traditional credit cards to cash and to mobile wallets dominated by e-Pays. The Small Business Study offered by Mastercard is intended to provide insights to help Community Financial Institutions navigate the small business payments space and to understand the opportunities and challenges that confront both the Community FIs and their customers and members.

Specifically, this study delves into:

What is the share of the small business owner’s wallet that is apportioned to different payments, and where are the opportunities to capture more share of spend?

Why small business owners choose to use personal credit cards over small business cards, and what can Community FIs do to influence choice?

Considerations for Community Financial Institutions to stay relevant and competitive

Why Community FIs can benefit from building an expanded product engagement with their customers and members in order to stay relevant in their banking relationship with them?

Complete the form to download the report and access detailed study findings, recommendations, and Mastercard solutions that will help Community Financial Institutions succeed in the small business space.

This report is exclusive to Mastercard customers. If you have any issues downloading the report by completing the form, please contact your Mastercard representative.

Download the report

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