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Shaping the future of fintech: Understanding trends and uncovering solutions.

The fintech industry is rapidly changing as the space matures and consolidates. Although fintech companies are helping consumers during challenging economic times and continuing to expand their customer base, venture capital funding is decreasing and mergers and acquisitions are more active than ever.

Join Mastercard experts and Zolve CEO and founder Raghu G as they discuss:

  • Six major trends in the fintech industry including verticalization, a focus on financial inclusion and an increased emphasis on portfolio optimization

  • Real-life challenges fintech companies are facing

  • Opportunities for success in this competitive landscape

The webinar was originally held July 26 at 1 p.m. EDT.


Raghu headshot
Raghu G CEO and Founder, Zolve
silvio piserchia headshot
Silvio Piserchia SVP, Global Segment Lead, Fintech & Digital, Mastercard
Elina Greenstein
Elina Greenstein Principal, Advisors Business Development, Mastercard

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