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Technology, data insights and analytics for restaurants


Mastercard’s data insights, software platforms, consulting services and predictive analytics empower restaurants to innovate at the speed required to satisfy the evolving preferences of guests today. By unlocking a 360-degree view of guest spending behavior and providing platforms and services to translate data insights seamlessly into action, Mastercard’s solutions equip restaurants with the ingredients they need to improve their operations, win new guests and grow guest loyalty, frequency and spend.

We help answer questions such as:

  • How can we target the right delivery structure to each market to maximize profits?

  • What is the impact of new menu introductions, net of potential effects on other items?

  • In which regions or with which guest segments do we have the largest opportunities for growth? Which marketing strategies are most effective at engaging each segment?    

  • What is the sales impact of my digital ads, and how can we improve it? 

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