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Sign up by January 27, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST to take part in this exclusive email campaign offer at no cost to you. 

Using Mastercard creatives customized with your logo, Mastercard will deploy this campaign on your behalf to remind your cardholders of the built in safety & security features that their card provides.  

This proven approach has helped our partners drive up to 30% lift in cardholder spending in past campaigns. 

Mastercard offers two options for email deployment:

  1. Mastercard Deployed: Mastercard will customize creatives with your logo and deploy the email campaign directly to your cardholders on your behalf.

  2. Client Deployed: Enables you to use the Mastercard customized creatives, but deploy the email campaign in-house. Mastercard will share the creative HTML, which your internal team can then code and send directly to your cardholders. 

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Mastercard is able to offer this campaign to either your debit or your Mastercard credit portfolios.
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