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What we do
SessionM powers many of the world’s leading consumer loyalty and engagement programs with a holistic platform solution and Mastercard's loyalty industry expertise.
Data management
Real-time profiles, segmentation and data flexibility
Points and tiers
Points, tiers and incentives
Scheduled and triggered omnichannel marketing
Rewards and offers
Flexible discounts, promos and incentives
Analytics and insights
Performance dashboards and reporting
Strategic services
Design and execute the right loyalty program strategy
Why we're different
A flexible loyalty platform, backed by global scale and expertise
Platform enablers
Unified customer profiles
Build a single customer view that enables relevant experiences
Omnichannel experiences
Engage with customers on mobile, web and in store
Who we serve
Brands across industries depend on SessionM technology to build a loyalty marketing ecosystem that acquires and engages with customers.
Create a seamless shopping experience
Drive more frequent visits with relevant offers
Fuel and convenience
Reward behaviors and multi-step transactions
Upgrade your frequent flyer program with flexible campaign management
Programs we power
SessionM empowers you to attract and engage new and existing customers and cultivate brand loyalty.
Earn and burn loyalty
Reduce customer churn with flexible ways to redeem
Offer programs
Trigger and schedule promotions
Paid loyalty
Provide members benefits worth paying for
Tiered programs
Establish and manage program tiers
Loyalty resources
Mastercard helps brands build and nurture authentic, personal relationships with customers through loyalty strategy, partnerships and expertise.
Build a loyalty ecosystem around SessionM
Read insights from our experts
Learning Hub
SessionM Airlines banner

Airline loyalty

As more travelers pack their bags, airlines will have opportunities to connect with them in new ways. SessionM’s approach to customer data management, audience creation, segmentation and rule-based campaigns means that we can deploy initiatives in a few clicks and allow airlines to maximize revenue generating strategies. SessionM can complement existing technology providers who process points and tiers for your airline loyalty program or frequent flyer program.
How it works

Complement your frequent flyer program with SessionM’s intuitive campaign and offer set-up and management system

SessionM Airlines case study An airline revamps its corporate rewards program

An airline was using an expensive and inefficient campaign management system and had difficulty connecting data from their disparate technology systems.

SessionM replaced the obsolete corporate rewards program platform, allowing the marketing team to easily build and execute targeted redemption, messaging and promotional campaigns across channels in real time. Traveler data could flow directly from the airline’s data warehouse into the loyalty program, automating and synchronizing user data with the campaign management tool. With an effective marketing and loyalty program the airline could create unique and differentiated experiences for corporate rewards program members, target customers by tier and other attributes and enable an exclusive VIP loyalty tier.

Case study

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