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Mastercard Global Treasury Intelligence

Providing complete visibility into corporate treasury payment flows.

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Transform complex supplier data into actionable insights

Teams across financial functions are increasingly tasked with synthesizing rich and complex data sets, analyzing potential supplier investments and managing risks.

Mastercard Global Treasury Intelligence analyzes payments data to deliver quantified insights for building and implementing B2B payment strategies. With Global Treasury Intelligence, corporate finance and treasury teams unlock clear, actionable recommendations to improve working capital, manage contract compliance risk, achieve ESG goals and drive operational efficiency.

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Drive operational improvements and cost savings

of spend accurately categorized according to UNSPSC taxonomy.
reduction in purchase orders, resulting in operational cost savings.
total realized cost savings due to enhanced governance and reduced contract leakage.
GTI case study image An oil and gas company realized $360M in procurement cost savings with Global Treasury Intelligence

An oil and gas company in Southeast Asia struggled to get a comprehensive view of supplier spend data due to its storage across multiple locations, inconsistent formats, various languages and incomplete data records. 

The company used Mastercard’s Global Treasury Intelligence technology to quickly consolidate spend data to a centralized platform. With the improved visibility, the company identified low-volume suppliers to rationalize and transitioned the remaining suppliers to contracted terms. 

The improved visibility and insights resulted in $360M in realized cost savings for the company. 


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