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AI Consulting

Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics

Improve operational efficiency, generate new sustainable revenue and drive better customer experiences with Mastercard’s AI consulting.
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Consumer Engagement & Loyalty

Mastercard Data & Services helps organizations acquire new customers, forge deeper customer relationships, and build brand loyalty with a full suite of customer engagement solutions.
Cryptocurrency & Digital Currencies

Crypto & Digital Currencies

Mastercard Data & Services helps banks navigate the adoption of digital currency and design & develop crypto strategies & loyalty programs.
 Security & Business Operations: Prioritize, quantify and prevent risk

Cyber Security & Risk

Mastercard Data & Services helps businesses prepare for cyber attacks & decrease financial risk by identifying data breaches, assessing cyber threats & more.
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Data Strategy & Analytics

Mastercard Data & Services helps organizations make more data-driven decisions with enhanced data applications and achieve operational excellence.
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Digital Innovation & Transformation

Mastercard Data & Services helps organizations navigate the shift to digital with data & analytics tools to optimize performance.
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Economic consulting

Mastercard’s economic consulting, driven by the Mastercard Economics Institute, provides businesses and governments with unique economic insights and measurements.
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social and Governance

Mastercard Data & Services helps organizations foster sustainable business practices by incorporating ESG principles in their strategy & optimizing their ESG score.
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Implementation & Deployment

Mastercard helps organizations tackle large transformation projects by conducting financial forecasting, establishing change management activities and more.
Open Banking, Open Finance, Open Data

Open Banking, Open Data

Mastercard Data & Services helps banks realize the benefits of open banking to capitalize on trends and bring new solutions to the market.
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Mastercard Data & Services helps organizations future-proof their payment business, accelerate innovation & enhance profitability.