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Today’s customers expect highly relevant experiences across any channel. Dynamic Yield’s experience optimization platform helps you build personalized, optimized, and synchronized customer experiences – so you can deliver on the vision of personalization with great agility and speed.

There’s a new benchmark in customer experience.

Extreme personalization is already around us, and companies that excel at delivering hyper-tailored experiences are generating higher customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

One powerful personalization platform

Audience Management

Capture person-level data, no matter the source, and use it for personalization.


Algorithmically predict customers’ next purchase with advanced deep learning and AI algorithms

A/B Testing & Optimization

Experiment anywhere on your digital properties with great agility, more confidence and less risk.

Email Personalization

Create high performing emails that adapt to every customer with a visual drag-and-drop builder.

Web and Mobile Personalization

Create personalized web and mobile experiences that reflect every visitor’s unique needs.

Triggered Messages

Reach customers at critical moments with triggered emails and push notifications.

Personalization across industries

Learn more about how to make personalization a competitive differentiator for your business