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Cyber Quant

Identify and quantify cyber security risks to prioritize action

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Cyber Quant measures an organization’s cyber security risks, flags security gaps, and estimates the impact of new cyber security controls on the business within an organization’s relevant threat landscape, creating personalized results and recommendations

What is the financial risk of security breaches on your organization? How mature are your current security controls? What actions will reduce exposure?

Cyber Quant addresses these critical questions for organizations in an efficient three week consulting engagement that leverages state-of-the-art technology and Mastercard’s hands-on experience protecting its large global network.

The key benefits of Cyber Quant include:

Quantify the risk

Quantify the risk of threat actors and attack methods


Assess the maturity of current controls within your threat landscape

to reduce risk and improve your security

Identify actions to reduce risk and improve your security posture

Build senior buy-in with specific impacts

Build senior buy-in with specific impacts for each new investment

Ongoing Monitor risk exposure

Monitor risk exposure to evolve with the changing landscape

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