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Economic consulting

Mastercard’s Economic Consulting develops hyper-local, frequent, and innovative measurements, helping leaders translate economics into results.

Are you harnessing the power of economic insights to thrive in uncertainty and supercharge your strategy?

The Mastercard Economics Institute is a global research and advisory group that develops innovative measurements and translates economics into action. Leverage our in-house expertise, proprietary economic insights, and near real-time data to navigate economic uncertainty.

Economic Consulting

Our team of economists, econometricians, data scientists, and visual artists combine Mastercard data with advanced statistical modeling techniques, visualizations, and interactive reports to help businesses and governments answer their most pressing questions such as:

  • How would a labor market downturn impact consumer spending?

  • Which geographic regions are outperforming? Which industries?

  • How has consumer spend shifted over the last year? In what categories has it shifted?

Our economic consulting expertise

Insights from the Economics Institute

When the consumer spends, the job market grows

The U.S. economy is proving resilient, thanks in part to a positive feedback loop between consumer spending and job market growth.

Australia's Economic Clock

An analysis of the day and night economies in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, looking at changes in consumer spending by day of week and time of day.

NYC's Economic Clock

The changing spending patterns in New York City offer valuable insights into the evolving nature of work and its impact on the NYC economy.

Travel Industry Trends 2023 Webinar

Hear from Mastercard experts on the state of the travel industry in 2023.

Prices, wages, employment: What’s ahead for consumers in Asia Pacific

The end of Covid-related restrictions in China could be positive for the economy in the entire Asia-Pacific region. But there's potential for challenges by way of labor shortages, wage increases and lasting inflation.

5 questions to help your brand navigate the 2023 economy

For savvy retail marketers, the current economy can be an opportunity to move their brand forward. Help your brand stay competitive and navigate the economy by asking these five questions.

Our team of economic experts