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What we do
Test & Learn® helps organizations understand the true impact of their new and existing initiatives and recommends the most profitable next steps.
Test & Learn® platform
Design and analyze hundreds of business experiments
Test & Learn® with SpendingPulse™ modeling
Evaluate large-scale business initiatives
Test & Learn® consulting services
Work with an experienced team of consultants
Who we serve
Test & Learn® enables organizations across industries to grow the ROI of their business investments through better analytic insights.
Optimize pricing strategies, merchandising
Financial institutions
Improve branch profitability, customer loyalty and operational efficiencies
Insurance Carriers
Optimize claims management, distribution and drive operational efficiencies
Evaluate promotions, price elasticity of menu items and labor needs
Quantify the impact of promotions, merchandising strategies and supply chain investments
Optimize save offers, promo roll offs and bundling pricing strategies
Understand the impact of major capital investments and new pricing models
Strategies we power
Test & Learn® empowers you to make smarter decisions by optimizing strategies across your business.
Labor & operations
Optimize labor strategies and operational investments
Understand the impact of customer loyalty initiatives
Quantify the ROI of marketing investments across your media mix
Adjust product offerings and space planning more effectively
Network strategy
Evaluate capital expenditures and network decisions
Determine optimal pricing strategies
Mastercard offers various resources to enable organizations to drive more data-driven decisions using business experimentation tactics.
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Who we serve

Test & Learn® for CPG companies

Use cases

Drive smarter decisions across all CPG initiatives

Test & Learn®, one of Mastercard's leading CPG analytics solutions, enables consumer goods companies to optimize critical initiatives. Using our test and learn framework, CPG and FMCG companies can make more confident decisions around key pricing strategies, merchandising initiatives, retail servicing efforts and more.

Test & Learn for CPGs case study A CPG increased revenues by boosting its pricing strategies

A large CPG manufacturer wanted to understand the impact of raising the price on large bags of their most popular pretzel brand. The CPG used Test & Learn® to understand the true incremental impact of the pricing change and create a predictive model to optimize the program rollout. By targeting the price increases using Test & Learn® recommendations, the CPG was able to drive $4 million in incremental revenue.

Customer story
Mastercard Test & Learn® has helped us make decisions, save costs and drive growth. As one example, we ran a test analyzing which practices brought the most benefit across category or store attributes. We could then determine the value of our in-store retail teams and balance our investments, hitting our financial goals.
Advanced Analytics and Automation Lead Unilever

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