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Case Study: Consumer Financing Incentive

How Test & Learn helped an automaker improve the value of an incentive program by $5.8 Million

Automakers spend billions of dollars each year on incentives to drive units, but are usually unsure of the true impact these incentives have on the bottom line. With so much money on the line, the incentives space represents a huge opportunity for automakers to refine their strategies and make each dollar of incentive investment go further.

Employing a Test & Learn® approach enables automotive leaders to understand if their incentives are actually driving incremental sales or if they are merely subsidizing purchases consumers would have made anyway or even cannibalizing sales of other vehicles. With a deeper understanding of the cause-and-effect impact of incentive programs, automakers can target their investments to the dealerships or markets where they will drive the most value and tailor each program to the optimal vehicle model or incentive structure.

Case Study Consumer Financing Incentive

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