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When the weather—or the economy—is going through a stable patch, forecasting is relatively easy. When a Covid-19 storm hits, reliability can become a challenge. The rapidly changing data needs to be collected and processed quickly and responsibly. The chaos needs to be tamed with scenario planning.

Modern meteorology handles those demands well. Happily, forecasting for issuing banks is now catching up with the weather.

“Financial forecasting is often viewed with the same skepticism associated in the past with weather forecasting. When something untoward happens, heeding sailors’ and shepherds’ warnings might be the best bet."

In this report, we look at forecasting from the following perspectives:

  • an automated approach for fast, scalable and comparable insights

  • a combined approach for reliability across multiple data inputs and modeling techniques

  • a repeated approach for continual refinement of assumptions

Download the full report to learn about how Mastercard‘s Advanced Investment Management (AIM), supported by benchmarking insights from Mastercard Intelligence Center (MIC) and campaign insights from Mastercard’s Test & Learn®, can help you maximize your investments through better forecasting.

Download the White Paper

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