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Congratulations to America’s Best Loyalty Programs, powered by Mastercard

As consumers expect better experiences from the brands they frequent, loyalty programs have become crucial to building long lasting, rewarding relationships.

Newsweek and Statista surveyed 4,000 members of U.S. loyalty programs to find America’s Best Loyalty Programs across 11 sectors, and some of the best programs share one thing in common: Mastercard. More than 20 of the recognized brands leverage Mastercard’s suite of services to build better, more engaging relationships. These include Belk Rewards+ as the #4 department store loyalty program as well as Urban Outfitters’ award-winning program, UO Rewards, ranking among the best apparel loyalty programs.

Today, loyalty isn’t just about the number of points you rack up – it’s about sticky connections. With the right blend of technology (from rewards to measurement to personalization and more) and a commitment to delivering better experiences, Mastercard’s full suite of consumer engagement services, including SessionM loyalty, helps brands connect and cultivate loyal relationships with their consumers.

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