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Covid-19 has impacted many industries and travel has been one of the hardest hit. Even though many people around the globe have found new ways to fulfill their love of travel, consumer travel is at an all-time low.

This presents a challenge for issuers with affluent portfolios and travel rewards programs. Some may be considering shifting their affluent cardholder perks away from travel. But travel will recover, and travel benefits will still be a pivotal component of portfolio strategy and engagement beyond Covid.

"Nearly one in three travelers say going on vacation is one of the top three things they are most looking forward to doing when social distancing measures are relaxed."

This report covers:

  • what to expect as the travel industry looks to recover

  • the importance of travel rewards for cardholder engagement

  • strategies for evolving travel rewards programs

Download the full report to learn how issuers with travel rewards programs can remain relevant and continue to provide value for affluent cardholders.

Download the Report

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