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What's Trending in Retail in 2020

Understand how Covid-19 has impacted retail in 2020 and the evolving ways consumers are making purchase decisions.

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed retail. But the changes mostly affected the speed of impact rather than an unprecedented overhaul.

We had identified five distinct trends to watch in 2020 before Covid-19 changed everything. We believe those trends still hold true, but the global crisis has accelerated them for the rest of 2020 and likely into 2021. In this white paper, we looked at:




Frictionless Retail

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Cyber Security

Loyalty Reinvented


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"Ecommerce is growing because of Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean the brick-and-mortar experience won’t be appreciated more in the long run too."

Download the “Top 2020 Retail Trends: How Covid-19 Forced an Unprecedented Acceleration in the Retail Economy” to learn how these trends have gone from nascent to blooming in only a few months.

Download the White Paper

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