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Inexorable rise of emerging payments

Research from Mastercard shows that appetite for, and adoption of, new payment technologies is rising.

  • 85% of global consumers have used at least one emerging payment method1
  • 93% are likely to use an emerging payment method in the next year1

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The shift to digital payments is a global trend which has accelerated in recent years


Bank or mobile money account ownership, now at 76% globally, has increased by double digits in 34 countries since 20172


Two-thirds of adults worldwide have made or received a digital payment2

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New cost-effective mobile technologies are transforming payment acceptance

As high levels of inflation affect markets globally, merchants can reduce operational costs and boost sales by offering a variety of payment methods to meet changing consumer demands for fast, flexible and seamless payment experiences.

NFC ‘contactless’ payment adoption has grown rapidly around the world


Over two thirds of consumers globally said they are considering using contactless payments in 20222


92% of merchants globally report they already accept or plan to accept contactless payments within the next 12 months3


The QR code payment market is highly regional, with Asia Pacific, the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Africa dominating global usage.



Global spending through QR code payments reached $2.4 trillion (USD) in 2022 and is set to continue its rapid growth4



Asia Pacific is the largest market for QR code payments, and accounted for over 80% of global transaction volume in 2022 4

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There is a persistent and growing market for quick and easy cross-border payments and international card transactions

44% of consumers

reported increasing the number of cross-border payments sent and received from the prior yearv

58% of small and medium

businesses say they are sending and receiving more cross-border payments now than before the pandemic6

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