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Businesses and governments in Asia, particularly East and Southeast Asia, have been navigating the economic implications of Covid-19 longer than elsewhere. Those who proactively leverage the right data, tools and expertise can better understand the impact of a crisis on their stakeholders and harness the power of data insights to drive response strategies.

The six organizations represented in this report each cover a distinct sector in a different Asian country. Their courses to recovery each follow separate approaches:

  • Restaurants — performance clustering

  • Finance - phased benchmarking

  • Mass Retail - consumer segmentation

  • Health & Beauty - propensity modeling

  • Travel - fare parameterization

  • Governments - spend analytics 

While none of the six organizations are through it yet, they are navigating the new normal with greater confidence thanks to the power of carefully constructed advanced and predictive analytics – making their success stories so far instructive for the region and more broadly for the world.

Download the full report to learn how Mastercard can help your organization navigate Covid-19.

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