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The greater the share of B2B (business to business) spend within a commercial card issuer’s portfolio in 2019, the better that issuer’s portfolio performed in 2020.

"Global annual T&E (travel & entertainment) spend on commercial cards decreased by 59% in 2020. B2B spend grew by 1%."

Even the most travel-heavy portfolios have a significant component of B2B spend. Commercial card issuers in 2021 should preserve returns on investments in commercial payments platforms by growing B2B spend while preparing to capitalize on the return of business travel.

This paper sets out five ways to make this happen:

  1. Learn from your heavy B2B spenders

  2. Help your customers expand use of virtual cards and accounts payable (AP) payments 

  3. Revisit missed 2020 goals to start conversation about B2B

  4. Find the buyers among your former travelers 

  5. Plan for the journey to travel recovery 

Download the report to learn how to navigate a less-traveled path for commercial cards.


Download the White Paper

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