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What we do
The Mastercard Business Intelligence Platform delivers actionable portfolio insights and benchmarks for more accurate data-driven decisions.
Business intelligence for issuers
Unlock actionable debit and credit card portfolio analytics.
Business intelligence for acquirers and merchant services
Access merchant portfolio performance insights and benchmarks.
Business intelligence for co-brand cards
Uncover key insights into co-brand portfolio performance.
Capabilities we power
Mastercard empowers organizations to make faster, data-driven payments decisions.
Self-service platform
Unlock the power of data with our fast and easy-to-use platform.
Actionable insights
Access key datasets to maximize performance and minimize risks.
Competitive benchmarks
Understand performance and identify trends.
Mastercard offers various resources to enable payment portfolio growth through enhanced analytics.
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Acquirer Intelligence Center (AIC)

Powerful payment analytics and benchmarks for merchant acquirers and merchant services providers across clearing, fraud, authorization and more.
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The Acquirer Intelligence Center1 (AIC) is a web-based, self-service payment analytics platform that provides acquirers, merchant services providers and payment facilitators with actionable insights into merchant portfolio performance.

By enabling near real-time analysis of rapidly refreshed data, AIC provides the transaction data analytics and insights necessary for better decision-making.

1Access to a limited version of AIC, AIC Lite, is available to Mastercard principal members who meet the minimum 12-month transaction thresholds in their region.
AIC Acquirers

AIC empowers acquirers through the following:

AIC case study An acquirer increased quarterly net approved spend by $6.8 million with Acquirer Intelligence Center

A leading U.S. acquirer needed to boost overall authorization spending and enhance their approval rates, but they struggled to pinpoint reasons for decline rates. The acquirer used Mastercard’s Acquirer Intelligence Center to identify and understand the reasons for declines.

By working with merchants struggling with card-not-present authorization performance and identifying fraudulent activity causing declines, the acquirer saved $121,000 in fraud and transaction processing costs and increased quarterly net approved spend by $6.8 million.

I am really excited for the AIC tool, and all the data we can obtain from it. I think the platform is brilliant, and quite powerful.
J.B., senior pricing manager Global Payments

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