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Supplier Enablement & Activation Service

Modernize and optimize supplier enablement programs.

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Supplier enablement, without the hassle

The supplier enablement process can be time-consuming and fragmented. Issuers are often challenged by a limited view of supplier acceptance, difficulty tracking vendor responses, no feedback loop to inform campaigns and an inability to track realized spend. This often leads to missed conversion opportunities. Mastercard’s Supplier Enablement and Activation Service tackles these challenges with an end-to-end solution. Using Mastercard’s technology assets and global network of payments experts, issuers can simplify the supplier enablement process and capture the benefits of increased supplier acceptance.

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Optimize your campaign strategy 

Gain a comprehensive view of supplier acceptance information, prioritize suppliers for campaign calling efforts and quantify potential buyer and supplier benefits. 

  • Issuers can empower buyers to conduct their own analyses of accounts payable files through a self-service platform.
  • Size the opportunity for buyers to switch payments to cards and prioritize suppliers for inclusion in supplier enablement campaigns.
  • Improve the campaign and enrollment process with automated scripting.
Optimize your campaign strategy
Track performance and find missed opportunities

Track performance and find missed opportunities

Monitor campaign responses by buyer, supplier or provider and identify missed conversion opportunities.

  • Issuers can access campaign reporting dashboards with the latest campaign updates and key metrics.
  • Mastercard shares readouts to Buyers on changes to be made to ERP, impacts of campaign and ways to increase realized spend.

Hands-on implementation brings faster results

Accelerate supplier acceptance with end-to-end program implementation support.

  • Use Mastercard’s global network of subject matter experts to optimize your supplier enablement strategy and drive increased card spend.
  • Follow best practices using Mastercard’s proprietary tools, methodologies and processes.
  • Help Buyers create organic portfolio growth beyond engagement.
Hands-on implementation brings faster results

Commercial Rebates and Incentives Platform

Bundle Supplier Enablement and Activation Service with the Commercial Rebates & Incentives Platform 
to streamline your rebates and incentives process.

Explore the Commercial Rebates and Incentives Platform 

SEA case study image A major financial institution grew its virtual card spend by 38% YOY

The bank wanted to expand its virtual card program for commercial clients but faced resource and expertise constraints in scaling and managing the program.

Mastercard brought in program management consultants to improve governance and program coordination. The implementation and program management specialists:

  • Partnered with the bank to launch successful supplier enablement campaigns.
  • Built partnerships and alignment between the bank, its customers and third-party partners to optimize growth.
  • Identified procedural improvements to streamline activities and standardize future programs.

As a result of the program management partnership, the bank saw 38% growth in virtual card spend in the year following the engagement.

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